Saturday, October 2, 2010

Days of Summer

Now it is October, the air is getting colder and the season is changing to Autumn.

Nick loves the summer. He loves to play outside, swim in the pool and take care of mommy's flowers. These are some pictures from our summer.

Every day we hang our wet bathing suits and towels on the fence to dry. Nick goes in the pool lots of times so sometimes he has lots of bathing suits on the fence.

Nick LOVES to play in his pool. Sometimes he swims when it is dark and the moon is in the sky. In this picture it is sunny and the water is bright blue. What a perfect day to swim in the pool!

In the summer we eat outside a lot. This is a Sunday morning when mommy and Nick were eating pancake breakfast on the porch.

Mommy loves to go to the garden center to buy flowers. Nick helps take care of the flowers by giving them water from the hose.

And this year we grew vegetables in pots. Nick helped take care of those plants too, and then helped to take off the string beans so we could cook them and then eat them.

When mommy tells Nick the pool will be closed soon Nick says, "NO!"

Mommy said, "The seasons change, and we will do different things in the autumn and winter. Summer will come again in June."

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