Sunday, October 31, 2010

Nick's Trampoline

Nick loves jumping! For a long time we had a trampoline in our house so Nick could jump and have fun. These are some old pictures of Nick on his trampoline.

This summer Nick's trampoline broke and we had to put it in the garbage. Nick did not mind because he was playing in his pool a lot, but now that the pool is closed, Daddy decided to buy Nick a new trampoline.

Today Nick took the legs off the trampoline and put them back in the box. Then he put the trampoline away and daddy asked Nick "why are you closing the trampoline?"

Nick said, "no trampoline, all done." Then Nick wrote daddy a note.

Daddy was sad. Mommy said, "we will put the trampoline in the attic and when Nick changes his mind we will take it out again."

Maybe Nick will write us a new note when he is ready to jump again.

1 comment:

Grammy said...

I guess he feels he is getting to big now. Good boy for letting your dad know how you feel. love you