Sunday, October 17, 2010

Shoe Shopping

Mommy noticed that Nick's feet are getting bigger, so mommy told Nick "today we will go to the store to buy Nick new shoes."

First we measured Nick's feet. They are a half size larger than they were in the summer.

Then mommy looked for shoes in Nick's size and put three boxes on the floor. Nick put on a black pair of sneakers and then he took them off and put them back in the box. Mommy asked Nick if he liked the shoes and Nick said, "no."

Then Nick tried on a pair of white sneakers. Mommy tied the laces and Nick walked around the store to try them out. Then mommy asked Nick to try on another pair of sneakers, but Nick said "white shoes."

We put the sneakers in a box and then went to wait on line to pay. Mommy helped Nick put his new sneakers on and then we walked out of the store. Right across the street was a Burger King. Nick said "french fries please," so mommy and Nick went to Burger King to eat lunch.

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Lauren said...

so handsome!! I will be home in november the week before thanksgiving..I would love to get together. I miss you and Nick very much!