Monday, October 11, 2010

King David Manor and The Allegria

For a long time, there was a yellow and orange building in Long Beach called The King David Manor. Nick loved that building, and he used to paint it all the time. Sometimes when we were in the car Nick would say "yellow orange building" right before we drove past.

This is a picture of Nick from 2006.

This is a new picture of Nick in front of the same building. The outside colors have changed, now it is called The Allegria Hotel.

Mommy and Nick walked around the building. Nick wanted to go inside so we walked into the lobby and the first thing we saw was a sign.

Mommy said, "I guess you are not the only person who loved The King David Manor, lots of people want to remember the famous yellow and orange building of Long Beach."

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Grammy said...

I know the building well and I own a orginal painting that Nick painted for me. Times must move on but glad they kept the name in the lobby.