Sunday, February 26, 2012

Daddy at Work, Far Away

Today daddy told Nick he had to go on an airplane to work far away in Cleveland city. There will be no daddy for five days. Nick watched daddy walk out of the house and put his suitcase in the taxi.

Mommy and Nick are home together. Mommy told Nick not to be sad, and them mommy made Nick this schedule about his week. It says that every day Nick will go to the Long Beach Middle School. McKenzie will take care of Nick, and mommy will come home from work at night. On Friday night daddy will come home and Nick will see daddy again.

When Nick asks about daddy, mommy reminds Nick about the schedule. Mommy told Nick, "don't be sad, you will get to talk to daddy every night on the computer."

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Valentine's Day

Ever since early January, after the Christmas tree went outside, Nick has said, "January done, February coming soon."

Nick bought new gem gels and put them on the window. Then Nick started preparing for the Valentine's Day holiday.

One day mommy went into the kitchen and found this paper taped to the refrigerator.

And then one night mommy was cleaning up in the house and found this on the table.

Then Nick came home from school with this paper.

And over the weeks Nick has been collecting Valentine's decorations from the craft store, he has a "shrine" that keeps getting bigger and bigger.

Mommy said, "Wow, we have a lot of Valentine's Day decorations! What will you do in March, will you celebrate mommy's birthday?"

Nick looked at his calendar and said, "March, St. Patrick's Day."

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Happy Birthday Katie!

This week, Nick's little cousin Katie is having a birthday, she will be two years old!

Mommy and Nick went on the computer and picked out a birthday present and sent it to Katie's house. Nick wanted to pick out Sesame Street movies, but mommy said, "let's pick something else that a little girl would like."

This is a picture of Nick, Henry, and Katie at Christmas.

Mommy told Nick, "When you are with your Reminick cousins you are the little one, but when you are with your Lako cousins you are the big one!"