Monday, October 31, 2016

White Post Farms

Every year that Nick has been in Long Beach schools, he has gone on an October field trip to White Post Farms.  It is one of his favorite field trips, he always puts it on his calendar and he is all smiles when the permission slip comes home!

Nick's teacher sent us some pictures from the tip last week.

Halloween Dance

Every year, the Best Pals club has a Halloween Dance at the high school.

Nick dressed up as a chef.  He wore the Looney Tunes apron mom bought for dad many years ago.  In fact, this apron is older than Nick!
There were lots of games to play.  Nick did not like ping pong or fuse-ball, but he was great at basketball.
At one point some of the teachers were posing for a picture and Nick walked into the middle of it.  They said, "Hey Nick, come get in the picture with us!"
When we were leaving mom saw a new mural on the school walls.  It is a beautiful view of our boardwalk and the ocean.

Fall Festival

Every year the town of Long Beach has the Fall Festival.  This year, Nick's class helped to setup the festival the night before.  Nick's teacher sent pictures, he looked very happy to be there doing setup work.

Mom remembered all the years that we have taken Nick to the festival.  Here are some pictures of Nick in the pumpkin patch over the years.

Beautiful Sunset

Now that the weather is getting cooler mom and Nick take more walks together.  One night we went to the beach and watched a beautiful sunset.

First the sky was filled with colors of yellow, orange and gold.

Then the sun changed into an orange ball and fell below the horizon.

Mom said, "we are so lucky to live in Long Beach and see beautiful sunsets like this."

Pasta Night at the High School

This month the SEPTA group hosted a Pasta Night at the High School.  Mom and Nick went together, we ate good food and saw Nick's friends and teachers.

Here are some of the pictures.  We got a very nick picture with Luke and his mom, and at the end of the night Nick was helping out the DJ with the music!

Getting Ready for Halloween

At the end of summer we put away all of our red, white and blue patriotic decorations to get ready for the next holiday - Halloween!

Nick was excited when mom hung the spider lights in the living room.   He also loves the old ceramic pumpkin, every day he comes home and turns on the light inside.