Monday, October 31, 2016

Halloween Dance

Every year, the Best Pals club has a Halloween Dance at the high school.

Nick dressed up as a chef.  He wore the Looney Tunes apron mom bought for dad many years ago.  In fact, this apron is older than Nick!
There were lots of games to play.  Nick did not like ping pong or fuse-ball, but he was great at basketball.
At one point some of the teachers were posing for a picture and Nick walked into the middle of it.  They said, "Hey Nick, come get in the picture with us!"
When we were leaving mom saw a new mural on the school walls.  It is a beautiful view of our boardwalk and the ocean.

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Grammy said...

Lovely pictures I enjoy seeing you having fun. You make a wonderful chef. Your great grandfather John who was a chef would to be proud. Love you