Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Carnival at St. Mary's

Today after dinner, mommy told Nick we were going in the car to St. Mary's Church. Mommy said there was a carnival and she wanted Nick to see it. Nick did not want to go, he said "no!" lots of times. When were in the car Nick said "home" lots of times but mommy said "let's see the Carnival first, and then if you don't like it we'll go home."

As soon as we got there Nick was very happy. There were so many rides to choose from. Mommy and Nick bought tickets, then mommy said "what ride would you like to go on?" Nick pointed to the giant slide so that's where we went. Nick climbed up to the top and then came down lots of times.

After that Nick went on Kids Town. He climbed ramps and played in a ball pit and then came down a big slide.

After that we went on a ride called The Zodiac. We sat in big blue seats and the ride spinned us round and round. Nick like the ride and he was smiling.

Then we were all done. We walked back to the car and Nick was singing and twirling around in circles. Mommy said "Did you have fun?" Nick did not say anything but he was still smiling. Mommy said, "well, if you had fun you can just say thank you."

Nick gave mommy a hug and said "thank you!"

The Long Beach Fireworks

On Friday night, we took our walk to get ice cream but there was something different about our walk that night. Mommy told Nick Long Beach was having their fireworks on the Boardwalk and we would go and watch the show.

First we went to get ice cream, and as we left the shop we could hear the sounds of fireworks. We had to walk fast to get to the boardwalk to see the show. There were so many people on the boardwalk and the beach. It was hard to find a place to sit down but finally we found a bench and sat down and watched the fireworks.

Nick started to jump and clap hands and make loud voices so then we started walking. Luckily the fireworks were in the direction of our house, so we walked and Nick jumped and screeched his voice as we walked. Then the fireworks were all done. People were clapping hands because they loved the show and Nick clapped hands too.

Mommy told Nick there would be no more fireworks until next year. Ever since Nick was little he was scared to go see fireworks. What a big brave boy Nick has become!

Monday, July 6, 2009

First Day of Summer School

Today was the first day of summer school. Yesterday mommy told Nick that he would go back to school, and Nick walked around the house saying "no school, no school tomorrow okay?"

This morning mommy helped Nick pick out clothes and made Nick breakfast to eat. Then we waited outside for the bus. The bus was late, and Nick was walking around our garden and back and forth on the sidewalk saying "schoolbus."

Finally the schoolbus came, and Nick got on and they drove away. Mommy also told Nick that he was not going to The Long Beach Middle School, he was going to spend the summer at The Long Beach High School.

In the afternoon, mommy kept the door open so she could hear the horn when the schoolbus came home. Nick walked off the bus and gave mommy a little hug. Mommy said "how was school? Did you have fun?" Of course Nick said "no." He does not like to talk about school.

Mommy asked Nick if he wanted to go play in his pool and Nick said "no."

Mommy asked Nick if he wanted to play in the sprinkler and Nick said "no."

Mommy asked Nick if he wanted to go in the car to play in a park and Nick said "no."

Mommy said, "what would you like to do?"

Nick asked for his computer, scissors, tape and paints. He looked for pictures of buildings and stores and restaurants on Google. Then cut them out, painted them and taped them to the wall. It looked just like a street in Long Beach!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Walking with Mommy to get Ice Cream

Last summer, after dinner, mommy and Nick would take a walk to get ice cream.

This year, mommy and Nick have been taking walks, but Nick wants to walk in a different direction. We walk up to the bay and then come home. Mommy says we should walk the other way to the ice cream shop, but Nick says no everytime.

So one day, mommy took Nick in the car to get ice cream. Then mommy showed Nick the pictures from last summer. On Friday night after dinner mommy said "let's go for a walk to get ice cream." Nick ran to put on his shoes and said "that way" when we walked out of the house. He did not point in the direction of the bay, he pointed in the direction of the ice cream shop.

Nick remembered the streets we used to take. Mommy tries to get Nick to take a different path each time but he likes to walk the same way. We take Park Avenue to Walnut Street and then down a tiny path called September Walk.

Then we get to Beech Street and we walk to the ice cream shop. Nick likes to eat chocolate ice cream in a cup with rainbow sprinkles. We sit on a bench and Nick eats his ice cream. Then we walk in the West End streets to the Boardwalk.

When we get to the Boardwalk Nick likes to look at the ocean and the beach and the buildings with swimming pools. We stay on the Boardwalk until Grand Avenue, then we take Penn Street to Lindell back to our house.

Mommy is happy that Nick likes to take a walk after dinner. It is a special time for us to have together.