Saturday, July 4, 2009

Walking with Mommy to get Ice Cream

Last summer, after dinner, mommy and Nick would take a walk to get ice cream.

This year, mommy and Nick have been taking walks, but Nick wants to walk in a different direction. We walk up to the bay and then come home. Mommy says we should walk the other way to the ice cream shop, but Nick says no everytime.

So one day, mommy took Nick in the car to get ice cream. Then mommy showed Nick the pictures from last summer. On Friday night after dinner mommy said "let's go for a walk to get ice cream." Nick ran to put on his shoes and said "that way" when we walked out of the house. He did not point in the direction of the bay, he pointed in the direction of the ice cream shop.

Nick remembered the streets we used to take. Mommy tries to get Nick to take a different path each time but he likes to walk the same way. We take Park Avenue to Walnut Street and then down a tiny path called September Walk.

Then we get to Beech Street and we walk to the ice cream shop. Nick likes to eat chocolate ice cream in a cup with rainbow sprinkles. We sit on a bench and Nick eats his ice cream. Then we walk in the West End streets to the Boardwalk.

When we get to the Boardwalk Nick likes to look at the ocean and the beach and the buildings with swimming pools. We stay on the Boardwalk until Grand Avenue, then we take Penn Street to Lindell back to our house.

Mommy is happy that Nick likes to take a walk after dinner. It is a special time for us to have together.

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