Sunday, April 28, 2013

Fixing the House - Week 7

This week the workmen put in our new heating system.  We had to walk carefully on the floors when we went to visit.
 Then they poured concrete on top.
Now the floors are all covered and smooth.  When this is dry the workmen will start to install our floors.

Spider-Man - The Musical

Yesterday, mom told Nick he would not go to AHRC to play, we were going to switch the schedule and do something different.

Mom said, "we were going to New York City to see a Broadway show."
Nick did a good job waiting for the show to start.  Volunteers gave Nick markers and pictures to color, and stress balls to play with during the show.

Nick liked the show a lot, he clapped at the end of all the songs and he LOVED when Spider-Man was flying around the theater.
When the show was done and the actors took their bows, Nick was jumping up and down clapping.  Mom said, "wow, I did not know you would give the show a standing ovation."

Nick was very happy after the show, he posed for this picture with daddy outside the theater.  

We could not take pictures at the show, but we looked up pictures on the computer. 
Google Images from Spider-Man the Musical

And, Spider-Man has a Facebook page
Facebook Page for Spider-Man the Musical

Thanks to the Theater Development Fund we have seen the Lion King and Spider-Man. 

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Mac-n-Cheese Please!

Today, mom told Nick "I will make you chicken for dinner."  Nick went into the cabinet and took out a box of elbow pasta.  Nick told mom he wanted Mac-n-Cheese for dinner.

Nick helped mom make Mac-n-Cheese for dinner.  
As soon as Nick got to the dinner table he ran back to the kitchen and got the pepper mill. 

Mom said, "when did you learn to appreciate the taste of pepper on Mac-n-Cheese?"

Fixing the House - Week 6

Every day we go to the house to see the progress.

 This week the walls of the house were painted.

Work men are getting ready to install the new heating system in the floor.

We are all happy the house is getting fixed.  Nick reminded mom and dad that the pool is open in June.  We told Nick we will fix the house first, then we will work on the pool.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Fixing the House - Week 5

Almost every day we visit the house to see progress, these are some of the new pictures.

Our new front window.
This is the corner of Nick's bedroom, we took out the closet in Nick's room, we will put Nick's computer here.
 The living room.
The bedroom, no more door in the room, now we have big windows.

Mom and dad tell Nick, "we are also happy that work on the house is progressing, we might be back in 4-5 weeks!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Happy Birthday McKenzie

Today is McKenzie's birthday.  We sent McKenzie a birthday box with candles that had the letters of her name, and a flower necklace.

While we were visiting the house we did Facetime with McKenzie on mom's iPad.  We showed McKenzie how the house has changed, and then we posed for a group picture!

Mom said, "hopefully we will take a real picture together soon, and you better smile Nick!

Fixing the House - Week 4

This weekend we went to visit the house, it looked very different.  We have walls in most of the rooms!

 This is where our new kitchen will be.
This is the wall where the TV will be.
And this is Nick's room. 

We are all happy that there is change in the house.  Nick keeps telling mom and dad, "fix the house."  Mom and dad tell Nick, "we are working on it, this will take some time but we will go home soon."

Text and Email Pictures

Yesterday, mom showed Nick pictures on her iPhone.

This is a picture sent by text, Aunt Stefani is visiting Aunt Nicole in California.

This is a picture mom got on email, grammy is in Rhode Island with her sisters Auntie Hilary and Auntie Amelia.

Mom said, "in the old day people would send postcards.  Now we get pictures the same day, how nice to see our family having fun far away!"