Sunday, April 28, 2013

Spider-Man - The Musical

Yesterday, mom told Nick he would not go to AHRC to play, we were going to switch the schedule and do something different.

Mom said, "we were going to New York City to see a Broadway show."
Nick did a good job waiting for the show to start.  Volunteers gave Nick markers and pictures to color, and stress balls to play with during the show.

Nick liked the show a lot, he clapped at the end of all the songs and he LOVED when Spider-Man was flying around the theater.
When the show was done and the actors took their bows, Nick was jumping up and down clapping.  Mom said, "wow, I did not know you would give the show a standing ovation."

Nick was very happy after the show, he posed for this picture with daddy outside the theater.  

We could not take pictures at the show, but we looked up pictures on the computer. 
Google Images from Spider-Man the Musical

And, Spider-Man has a Facebook page
Facebook Page for Spider-Man the Musical

Thanks to the Theater Development Fund we have seen the Lion King and Spider-Man. 

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