Saturday, August 18, 2012

A visit from Lauren

Last week mommy got an email message from Lauren.  She said she was coming to Long Beach and wanted to visit us.

Nick was happy to see Lauren, he gave her a big hug when she walked in the door.  We showed her Nick's yearbook from Middle School.  Lauren remembered Zach and Matt and Luke when they were all little boys in elementary school.

Then we all had dinner together.  Nick did a great job sitting at the table eating with us.  

Lauren told mommy she still reads about Nick on the computer.  Mommy said, "that's good, because you know I will write a story about your visit and include an old picture of the two of you together."

This picture was taken at the zoo in 2004, when Nick was six years old.

Mommy told Nick, "you are so lucky to have people in your life who love you."

Monday, August 13, 2012

Time to go home

Today was our last day visiting grammy in Massachusetts.  Nick likes grammy's new building, he especially liked to sit in the chair and look out the window. 

Mommy packed up our things and Nick played computer while grammy made breakfast.
Then we went in the car for the long drive home.   It took us five hours but Nick was very good in the car.  When we drove over the Long Beach bridge, mommy said to Nick, "where are we?" 

Nick said, "home."

Henry and Katie's House

After we played in the pool we had dinner at Henry and Katie's house.  They have a new swing set in the yard so Nick played on the swings.

Mommy and Katie watched Nick from the window.

Mommy tried to get a picture of all the kids together but only Henry was looking.

Then mommy and Henry took this silly picture together.

After it got dark we went back to grammy's house to sleep.  Mommy said, "I hope you had a nice day today, we did lots of visiting and had lots of fun with our family."

Swimming at the Y

While we were visiting grammy, Nick talked about his pool.  Grammy said, "I take Henry and Katie to swim at the Y, we can all go to swim together."

Nick was happy because he loves to play in the pool.

But Nick got a big surprise, they had a giant slide, and Nick loves slides!  First Nick had to wait on line, then a lifeguard told he he could walk up the stairs.  When Nick was at the top a lifeguard a told Nick when it was okay to go.

And then Nick came down the slide and landed in the water.

Aunt Stefani brought Henry and Katie to the pool and we all played together.  Henry went on the slide too, and he showed us what a good swimmer he has become since his swimming lessons.

When we left mommy said, "I know you are so happy and had a good time, but I am very tired from watching you in the pool."

A Visit to Grammy's New Building

On Saturday, mommy and Nick took the long drive to Massachusetts.  Grammy lives in a new building.  When we arrived, she was very happy to see Nick.

And Nick was happy to see grammy!

After dinner, Nick's cousins Henry and Katie came over to visit.

Mommy tried to get a picture of all the cousins together.  It was hard to get everyone sitting still and smiling.

But grammy said, "That's okay, I still get to see all my grandchildren together and that makes me happy!"