Saturday, August 18, 2012

A visit from Lauren

Last week mommy got an email message from Lauren.  She said she was coming to Long Beach and wanted to visit us.

Nick was happy to see Lauren, he gave her a big hug when she walked in the door.  We showed her Nick's yearbook from Middle School.  Lauren remembered Zach and Matt and Luke when they were all little boys in elementary school.

Then we all had dinner together.  Nick did a great job sitting at the table eating with us.  

Lauren told mommy she still reads about Nick on the computer.  Mommy said, "that's good, because you know I will write a story about your visit and include an old picture of the two of you together."

This picture was taken at the zoo in 2004, when Nick was six years old.

Mommy told Nick, "you are so lucky to have people in your life who love you."

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Grammy said...

How lucky you are Nick to have Lauren visit you. Thank you Lauren for being part of my special guy life.