Monday, August 13, 2012

Swimming at the Y

While we were visiting grammy, Nick talked about his pool.  Grammy said, "I take Henry and Katie to swim at the Y, we can all go to swim together."

Nick was happy because he loves to play in the pool.

But Nick got a big surprise, they had a giant slide, and Nick loves slides!  First Nick had to wait on line, then a lifeguard told he he could walk up the stairs.  When Nick was at the top a lifeguard a told Nick when it was okay to go.

And then Nick came down the slide and landed in the water.

Aunt Stefani brought Henry and Katie to the pool and we all played together.  Henry went on the slide too, and he showed us what a good swimmer he has become since his swimming lessons.

When we left mommy said, "I know you are so happy and had a good time, but I am very tired from watching you in the pool."

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Grammy said...

That was a fun day at the pool. Nick looked great up that ladder and what a good swimmer he is.