Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Big Apple Circus

On Thanksgiving weekend, Mommy and Nick went to New York City. We took the train and went to visit Mommy's work. Nick likes to look out the windows and see all the buildings in New York City.

Then we took the A Train to Columbus Circle. We walked into the Time Warner Center and Grammy was sitting there waiting for us! We went downstairs to have lunch and Grammy told Nick that we were going to The Big Apple Circus and we would see cousin Henry.

Nick was happy when we got to the circus. We went inside the big tent and found our seats. Henry and Aunt Stefani were already in their seats waiting for us. Nick did good sitting and quiet voice most of the time during the show. In the middle of the show mommy and Nick went to sit in the back where there were no other people. Nick watched clowns and people high up on swings. There were horses and dogs too!

At the end of the show we said "all done."
Then we walked in the streets to Rockefeller Center. The big tree lights are not on yet, but mommy said we would go back to see them. We went inside the building and downstairs to a table and watched the skaters on the rink.

Thanksgiving 2008

Last Thursday was Thanksgiving. It was a special day called a holiday, and when Nick woke up in the morning mommy was home and said there was no school.

We did lots of cooking the night before, Nick helped mommy make cranberry sauce by putting the berries in the strainer and cleaning them in the sink with water. Then Nick squeezed oranges so mommy could use the juice when she cooked the berries.

Mommy also made Molasses cookies. The cookies looked and smelled so good when they came out of the oven. Mommy asked Nick to take a picture. Nick took four pictures, but never got mommy's face in the picture. He did get the cookies though!

Susan and Jesse came to visit us for dinner. We all watched a movie and played on the computer. Then it was dinner time. Mommy and Daddy and Susan and Jesse and Nick sat down at the table to eat dinner, but Nick did not want to eat the turkey or stuffing or sweet potato pie or cranberry sauce or gravy.
On Thanksgiving, Nick ate pizza.

The Golden Gate Bridge

Do you know what the Golden Gate Bridge looks like?

Nick loves pictures of bridges and he has lots of pictures of the Golden Gate Bride. Sometimes bridges can look the same but this bridge is special because it is red.

Nick's Aunt Nicole lives far away in California, and she has been on the Golden Gate Bridge many times. Last year, for Christmas, she sent Nick a book with The Golden Gate Bridge on the cover and Nick looks at the book all the time. On Friday, Mommy and Nick went to visit Therea for Speech. Theresa loves Nick's paintings, and since we brought the Bridge Book with us, she asked Nick if he wanted to paint the bridge.

Nick did good taking in saying "yes," and then asked for the different color paints. Theresa held up the book so Nick could see the picture.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Follow the Leader

Do you know the song Follow the Leader? Nick loves that song, it is on one of his Disney Sing Along Songs videos. Nick also looks for the movie on YouTube and he sings the melody of the song all the time.

One day Mommy saw that Nick was playing the song on the computer and he was making his little animals dance the same way the kids were dancing in the movie. Nick also has the animals line up like the kids. In this picture Nick put the animals dancing one by one until the last animal, the blue bear, got on the end of the line.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

A Trip to IKEA

On Sunday Mommy took Nick in the car. We went to CVS Pharmacy to pick up medicine. Nick picked up a Real Estate book at the front door and did good sitting and quiet voice in the chair waiting for mom.

Then we went to IKEA. We walked around and looked at chairs and tables and beds. We found a great big picture of New York City. Nick loves pictures of New York City and he looked at this picture for a long time. It was so big, almost as big as the wall in Nick's bedroom.

We also found a smaller picture of buildings. Nick pointed to The Empire State Building.

When we were riding home Nick told Mommy he wanted to go to the park. It was a cold day, good thing mommy brought hats and scarves and gloves in the car because we needed to wear them. There were no other people in the park because it was so cold, but Nick ran and played on the swing and slides and had a great time.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Visit to the Marine World Aquarium

On Sunday Daddy was going to take Nick to New York City, but Nick showed Daddy on the computer that he wanted to go to the Marine World Aquarium, so Daddy said "okay, let's go to the aquarium."

Nick loves the aquarium. He saw fish, penguins, seals, sharks, turtles, rays and an octopus!

Daddy took Nick on a ride called the Parachute. Nick sat in a chair and put on a seat belt. Then the ride went high in the air and Nick could see houses and trees and boats in the water.

Henry's Empire State Building Cake

Nick has been walking around with this picture of his cousin Henry and Aunt Stefani.

Henry likes buildings and New York City just like Nick. He lives far away and loves to come to New York City and ride the buses and trains and see tall buildings. In September, Henry made an Empire State Building cake for his daddy’s birthday. He put his trains around the cake and sent Nick this picture on the computer. Mommy printed it and Nick cut it out and taped it to the wall. One night Nick even took it to bed with him.

Friday, November 7, 2008

After AHRC on Saturday

On Friday night, Nick was playing on the computer. He brought Mommy over to the computer to see what he was looking at. It was the webpage for Hick’s Nurseries. Mommy reminded Nick that he went there with his class a few days earlier. Nick's teacher sent home a story about their trip and Mommy and Nick read the story together.

The next day, when Mommy went to pick up Nick at AHRC Mommy wanted to go for a walk but Nick said “No, Wendy’s.” Mommy said we could go for a walk first and then go to Wendy’s but Nick said “no, car, Wendy’s.” Mommy said ok and that’s what we did. After Wendy’s mommy reminded Nick about Hick’s Nurseries and we went there to see flowers and pumpkins.

When we got back to Long Beach, Mommy said "hey, let's go to the boardwalk," so Nick and Mommy went to see the boardwalk. Nick wanted to run but Mommy was tired and said we had to sit on the bench. Nick did good sitting and watched the ocean and the people on the beach.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Election Day 2008

On Tuesday November 4, 2008 Mommy said it was a special day and there was no school. Mommy did not go to work either, she stayed home with Nick. We had french toast for breakfast and played on the computer. Then Mommy took Nick in the car. Mommy asked Nick where he wanted to eat lunch - at the Bagel Shop or Burger King. Nick said "Burger King," so Mommy and Nick went there. Nick ordered his own french fries and paid the lady with money.

After lunch we went to Roosevelt Field Shopping Mall to walk and look at stores. Nick likes to ride the glass elevator and walk up and down the stairs and escalators. We went up and down the escalators and elevator lots of times.

Then Mommy took Nick to the doctor. Nick was a good boy with the doctor and when we left Nick said to Mommy "park swing slide," so we went to the park to play. Nick has learned how to pump his legs to ride high on the swing.

When the sun was going down Mommy and Nick went home in the car. When we were on the Meadowbrook Parkway on the car ride home, Nick pointed to the exit ramp for Merrick Road. Nick likes Mommy to take that road home, but Mommy said "no, we are not going to go that way." When we past the exit ramp Nick said "bye bye that way..."

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Autumn Pictures 2007

On Saturday Nick goes to AHRC to play. One day, when Mommy picked up Nick, she said "let's take a walk and look at the leaves." Nick did not want to take a walk at first, but then he saw that there was a path where he could run and there were lots of colorful leaves on the ground. Mommy and Nick walked down a path to the Robin Hood Country Day School, we had a lot of fun and took beautiful pictures to remember this beautiful day.

Autumn Pictures 2008

In the Autumn the leaves change color, they are no longer green. Some leaves are yellow, or orange, or red. On Saturdays, Nick goes to AHRC to play. There are lots of trees and paths to take walks. Mommy and Nick like to take walks together and enjoy the changing color of the leaves. Nick runs in the leaves on the ground, and he throws them up in the air to watch them fall. We walk down the path to the Robin Hood Country Day School. They have buildings and a playground and fields for Nick to run.

Monday, November 3, 2008

NYC October 2007

On October 8, 2007, Mommy and Nick went to New York City on the train. We walked in the streets until we got to Rockefeller Center. Mommy used to work in one of the tall buildings called 30 Rock, but Mommy does not work there anymore. On this day Mommy said we could take the elevator all the way up to the top and look out at New York City. Nick loved this visit, we could see The Empire State Building and the Chrysler Building and the 59th Street Bridge. We took pictures and shared them with our family on the computer.