Thursday, November 6, 2008

Election Day 2008

On Tuesday November 4, 2008 Mommy said it was a special day and there was no school. Mommy did not go to work either, she stayed home with Nick. We had french toast for breakfast and played on the computer. Then Mommy took Nick in the car. Mommy asked Nick where he wanted to eat lunch - at the Bagel Shop or Burger King. Nick said "Burger King," so Mommy and Nick went there. Nick ordered his own french fries and paid the lady with money.

After lunch we went to Roosevelt Field Shopping Mall to walk and look at stores. Nick likes to ride the glass elevator and walk up and down the stairs and escalators. We went up and down the escalators and elevator lots of times.

Then Mommy took Nick to the doctor. Nick was a good boy with the doctor and when we left Nick said to Mommy "park swing slide," so we went to the park to play. Nick has learned how to pump his legs to ride high on the swing.

When the sun was going down Mommy and Nick went home in the car. When we were on the Meadowbrook Parkway on the car ride home, Nick pointed to the exit ramp for Merrick Road. Nick likes Mommy to take that road home, but Mommy said "no, we are not going to go that way." When we past the exit ramp Nick said "bye bye that way..."

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