Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Big Apple Circus

On Thanksgiving weekend, Mommy and Nick went to New York City. We took the train and went to visit Mommy's work. Nick likes to look out the windows and see all the buildings in New York City.

Then we took the A Train to Columbus Circle. We walked into the Time Warner Center and Grammy was sitting there waiting for us! We went downstairs to have lunch and Grammy told Nick that we were going to The Big Apple Circus and we would see cousin Henry.

Nick was happy when we got to the circus. We went inside the big tent and found our seats. Henry and Aunt Stefani were already in their seats waiting for us. Nick did good sitting and quiet voice most of the time during the show. In the middle of the show mommy and Nick went to sit in the back where there were no other people. Nick watched clowns and people high up on swings. There were horses and dogs too!

At the end of the show we said "all done."
Then we walked in the streets to Rockefeller Center. The big tree lights are not on yet, but mommy said we would go back to see them. We went inside the building and downstairs to a table and watched the skaters on the rink.

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