Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Santa Hat

On Friday night Mommy took Nick to Gino's to get his pizza dinner. We passed The Craft Store and they had a Santa Hat in the window. Nick pointed and said "hat." We looked at the hat in the window and then Mommy tried to keep walking but Nick stopped Mommy and pointed again and said "hat." Mommy showed Nick the door was locked. The store was closed so we could not go inside.

The next day was Saturday. Mommy took Nick to AHRC to play, and when we came home we went back to The Craft Store and bought the hat. Nick gave the man money for the hat and the man cut the tag off for Nick. We crossed the street to City Hall. All the trees have lights and Nick was running and dancing in the trees with his new Santa Hat on his head. Mommy took pictures and movies of Nick and let Nick dance until it got too cold outside and we went home in the car.

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Theresa Pelikan said...

I love the story about the "hat" and the picture of you, Nick in the hat with the beautiful lights ! See you Wednesday Theresa