Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas at Henry's House

On Christmas Eve, Mommy, Nick and Grammy drove up to Massachusetts to Henry's House. Aunt Stefani and Uncle Ned live there too. They made us a nice room with a television and a DVD player and a computer.

Henry's room looked different. He has a new bed with a ladder, and Nick climbed up to the top. Nick liked the bed a lot, he could see the maps on the wall and look down at all the toys.

Aunt Stefani knows that Nick likes houses, so she bought a Gingerbread house for Henry and Nick to make together. Nick did not want to help and Henry build the house with his mommy and Aunt Nicole and Grammy. When the house was all done Nick liked it a lot, and wanted to eat the candy and the Gingerbread boy from the front but mommy said no.
On Christmas day we all gave presents to each other. Nick woke up much later than everyone else, and when he came into the room we all said his name and he ran back to bed. Nick is such a lucky boy, he got lots of pictures of New York City. Aunt Nicole gave Nick a giant poster of The Golden Gate Bridge. Nick has lots of pictures of this bridge, but they are little pictures. When we got home Mommy went to the store and bought a frame so we can hang it up in Nick's room.
Henry also has lots of trains. They are spread out all over his living room. Nick kept taking the tracks apart and moved them to different rooms. Henry is a nice cousin and let Nick do this, and then he put all this trains back together on the day we left to go home.
On Friday Mommy and Nick drove home in the car. It was a long ride, but Nick was a good boy and we had dinner at McDonald's. Nick was happy to eat french fries again because he did not have them for several days.

That night at dinner, Henry said to his mom and dad, "Nicholas frustrated me a bit with his craziness. But now that he's gone I miss him."

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