Sunday, December 14, 2008

A visit to Dee's

Grammy came to visit us today and we went to Dee's Nursery. Dee's Nursery is a place where Mommy and Nick go all year round. They have plants and flowers and trees. In December, there are lots of plants with red leaves, and decorations and trees.

Nick was wearing his Santa hat and we walked around together and then we saw Santa sitting in a chair! Nick was smiling and went to see him. Mommy took their picture and it came out really good, but mommy is saving it for holiday cards so no one can see it yet. Nick also saw a big reindeer and was smiling and touching his ears.

Then we picked out a tree and a man helped carry it for us. After Mommy paid, he put the tree in a machine to tie it up and we could not see it. Nick said "tree! tree!" because he thought it was all gone. The man put the tree on top of our car and we took it home. Nick helped mommy and Grammy decorate the tree with lights and ornaments.

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