Sunday, September 20, 2015

Surfers Healing Event

This week, Nick's class participated in the Surfers Healing Event.  It is a program where surfers buddy up with kids and teach them how to surf in the ocean.

Nick goes every year, he has a collection of t-shirts from the events.  This is his new t-shirt for 2015.
Kids from the High School walked to the beach.  Nick was one of the kids who held the school banner!  He was wearing his t-shirt from last years event.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Long Beach Craft & Variety

Today mom and Nick went to town, and mom told Nick, "this is the last time we can go visit the Long Beach Craft Store because they are closing."  This is where we bought all our seasonal things, and especially our Long Beach shirts we love so much.

We went in one last time to buy summer items. There was not much left, but Nick picked out a pool toy.
This is a picture of Nick and Cassandra, the store owner.

When we went to pay, Cassandra told Nick he was a good customer.

Mom told Cassandra the town will not be the same without her special store.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Faneuil Hall

After our Boston Duck Boat Tour, mom said we should walk to Faneuil Hall.  When mom comes to work in Boston, this is the part of town where mom works.  Mom said, "after all these years I can finally share this with you."

We posed for a picture in front of Faneuil Hall.
Then we walked past the shops down to the water.  They have a nice park, Nick got down on the grass to rest and enjoy the nice day.
Then we went to a restaurant and had seafood outside overlooking the park.

We all said, "what a nice day we had together in Boston!"

Duck Boat Tour of Boston

On our trip to Boston, we took the Duck Boat tour of the city.  This is a special bus that drives on the city streets, and then goes into the water and changes into a boat!

We saw the Bunker Hill Bridge.
 This is Faneuil Hall.
We drove by Boston Common.
This is the State Capital Building.
Then we went down a ramp and bus changed into a boat!
We were out on the harbor and we could see the city skyline and sailboats on the water.
Nick got to wear the captain's hat and sit next to him while he piloted the boat.
We had a great time on the Boston Duck Boat tour!

The USS Constitution

On Saturday, mom and dad took grammy and Nick to the USS Constitution museum.  We saw the famous ship in dry dock, it is being fixed to go back into the water.

Here is a a picture of the tall mast at the top of the boat.
In this picture you can see the hull of the boat below the street level.
Then we got to go on the deck of the boat.

Here is Nick posing with mom and grammy.

Nick posed with mom and dad too.

Friday night in Boston

On Friday night, dad and Nick drove to Boston and went to the Marriot hotel.  Grammy took the bus into the city to meet them at the hotel, and mom was done with work and went to the hotel too.

Nick was happy to see mom again.  
Then we all went out to dinner.  Nick had a smile on his face and posed for this picture with grammy.  We all said, "wow, look how much taller Nick is than grammy!"

A trip on a sailing ship

When dad and Nick were in Mystic Seaport they went on a day sail.

This is Jeff, he lent Nick a life vest so he would be safe on the boat.

Here is dad and Nick on the sailboat.  Dad was very happy, he used to sail boats all the time, and this is the fist time they were on a sailboat together.
The boat left the harbor and there were lots of other boats and historic buildings to see on the way.
Then the boat was out on the open water.  The sails were up and they were sailing fast.

Nick had a great time on his first time on a sailboat.

Mystic Seaport

On August 26, dad and Nick went in the car to Mystic Seaport.

They spent two days in the town looking at historic sailing ships.
Nick and dad went on some of the ships.
Nick got to sit out and look out at the town.
Dad taught Nick how to hoist the sail.
Nick also practices steering the ship.

FaceTime with Mom

On August 23, mom had to go to work far away for one week.  Mom was in Boston, we did FaceTime on Sunday night after mom got to the hotel.

Nick did not like the fact that mom was far away and not home.

Mom said, in a few days you will go with dad on a road trip.  Dad is taking you to Mystic Seaport, and then you will drive to Boston and meet me in the city!