Friday, November 7, 2008

After AHRC on Saturday

On Friday night, Nick was playing on the computer. He brought Mommy over to the computer to see what he was looking at. It was the webpage for Hick’s Nurseries. Mommy reminded Nick that he went there with his class a few days earlier. Nick's teacher sent home a story about their trip and Mommy and Nick read the story together.

The next day, when Mommy went to pick up Nick at AHRC Mommy wanted to go for a walk but Nick said “No, Wendy’s.” Mommy said we could go for a walk first and then go to Wendy’s but Nick said “no, car, Wendy’s.” Mommy said ok and that’s what we did. After Wendy’s mommy reminded Nick about Hick’s Nurseries and we went there to see flowers and pumpkins.

When we got back to Long Beach, Mommy said "hey, let's go to the boardwalk," so Nick and Mommy went to see the boardwalk. Nick wanted to run but Mommy was tired and said we had to sit on the bench. Nick did good sitting and watched the ocean and the people on the beach.

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