Monday, September 3, 2012

A visit from Theresa

On Saturday, mommy got a phone call from Theresa from Pelikan's Peeps.  She said she had something for Nick and wanted to come visit us.  She brought Nick a pop-up book about architecture, and other books about buildings and New York city.  Theresa remembered how much Nick loved buildings, bridges and cities.

While Theresa visited we showed her Nick's yearbooks from Long Beach Middle School.  Theresa remembered Luke, Matt and Zach from elementary school, she said, "My goodness, how big all the boys have gotten!"

After Theresa left, mommy showed Nick old pictures on the computer.  Theresa used to let Nick play on her computer and she used to take pictures from the monitor.  This is a picture from 2009 of Nick with Theresa and Lauren.

This is picture of Theresa with Nick in 2008, at Nick's birthday party.  She gave Nick a blue bean bag chair because he loved sitting on the bean bag chair at Pelikan's Peeps.

When Theresa left the house Nick looked out the window with a smile on his face.  Mommy said, "How thoughtful of Theresa to bring you books that she thought you would like!  You are such a lucky boy!"

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