Sunday, September 23, 2012

Nick's Pool is Closed

September is here, that means summer is done. Nick is back at school and the weather is getting cooler.  At night Nick can't swim in the pool anymore because it's too cold.

Nick reminded mom and dad that the Rec Center pool is open, we wrote down this note and then dad said, "ok, I will take you to the Rec Center pool."

Nick put on his bathing suit and packed up his pool bag.  He walked around outside until dad was ready to go in the car. 

When dad and Nick came home, mom asked if Nick had a good time.  Dad said, "Nick was very quiet at the pool, he did not want to jump off the diving board.  Maybe he was too sad about his own pool closing."

Mom showed Nick the calendar and said, "Don't worry Nick, your pool will be back in June.  Every month has fun things to do."  We looked at the calendar and Nick talked about each month.  In October we decorate pumpkins.  In November we have Thanksgiving.  In December we get a Christmas tree. 

That put a smile on Nick's face.

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