Sunday, June 20, 2010

Walk on the Bay

One night after dinner, mommy said to Nick, "Hey, let's talk a walk."

Nick put on his shoes and sweatshirt, he was so happy he was laughing and smiling.

Mommy said, "Which way should we walk?" Nick pointed towards the bay, so we walked that way.

We walked towards Magnolia Blvd, and up towards the water. There is a park there, and Nick played on the swing and slide, and then we walked to the skateboard park and watched the big kids do tricks on their skateboards and bicycles.

Then we sat on benches and looked out at the water and the sky. We looked to the east and the sky was blue and we could see the draw bridge for the LIRR train was up.

Then we looked to the west, the sun was setting and the sky was all different colors.

We got up from the benches and started to walk to the pier. Mommy pointed to the sky and said, "What do you see?"
Nick said, "Moon - Stars."

Mommy said, "That's right. What a beautiful night to take a walk in Long Beach!"

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