Monday, March 2, 2009

Best in Snow

There was no school today. Today is not the weekend and it is not a holiday. Today is Monday and we are supposed to go to school but we got a lot of snow in the night time and when Nick woke up mommy said there would be no school today. Nick looked out the window and said "snow" and mommy said, "yes, it snowed all night while you were sleeping."

We looked out the window together. Daddy was outside shoveling. Mommy wanted to make Nick breakfast but Nick took his boots out of the closet and took his coat off the hook. Mommy said "okay, you can go outside and play in the snow." Nick was so happy, he had a big smile on his face. It took a long time to put on snowpants and sweatshirt, scarf, hat and gloves but we did it. Nick was all dressed up and mommy opened the door and Nick ran outside to play in the snow.

Nick had a great time outside in the snow. When he came back into the house he had to take all the clothes off before he could play. His boots and pants had snow on them and there was a lot of snow on the floor. Mommy hung up all the clothes and daddy made Nick french toast for breakfast.

At dinner time mommy made Nick chicken and rice and peas. Mommy did not even have to bring Nick to the table, he came and sat down the first time mommy said "Nick, come to the table and eat chicken." While we were eating mommy said "let's hope there will be school tomorrow." Nick wrinkled his forehead and looked at mommy with a serious face, but he did not say any words.


Nicole said...

It looks like you got a lot of snow, Nick! And you look like you had lots of fun! We don't get snow days here in California, but it has been raining a lot. And we need it.

Enjoy the snow!
Aunt Nicole

grammy said...

Nick you looked like you were having fun in the snow. Now you need to learn to shovel the snow.