Saturday, March 14, 2009

Food Shopping with Mommy

Today mommy and Nick went to Fairway Market to buy food. We have to go to the store every Saturday so we have food in the house when we need it.

Mommy and Nick got a shopping cart and started to pick out fruit and vegetables. Nick did a good job helping to pick out oranges and cantaloupe and melon. There were so many types of pears, mommy told Nick to pick one out and he chose the red pears so we put one in a bag.

When we are all done shopping mommy has to pay. Nick helps put the food on the table.

When we get to the car Nick helps put the food in the trunk.

When we get home Nick carries the bags from the car to the front door, he gives the bags to daddy and then he walks back to mommy to get more bags until there are none left.

Nick is such a good helper!

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