Sunday, March 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Mommy

Yesterday was Saturday, and it was mommy's birthday. Daddy took Nick to AHRC to play and then mommy came in the car to pick Nick up. We were going to go to Wendy's but when we were in the car Nick said "that way" and pointed in the opposite direction. Mommy said "where do you want to go?" Nick picked up the Hicks Nurseries magazine from last week and handed it to mommy. Mommy said "do you want to go to Hicks Nurseries?" and Nick said "yes" so mommy went that way in the car.

We parked the car and walked to the store. Mommy told Nick "today is mommy's birthday. You should pick out a flower for mommy and we will put it in the garden." Nick wanted to buy mommy a new Christmas tree but mommy said "no thank you, we do not need a tree." Nick picked out little yellow flowers and then paid for the flowers with money.

In the nighttime after dinner, daddy took out a cake and we sat down to the table. Aunt Nicole called on the telephone so she was able to help Nick sing Happy Birthday to mommy. Then Nick helped blow out the candles.


grammy said...

Nicholas loves birthday cakes and candle especially when its mommy birthday. Happy Birthday Mom.

Nicole said...

Hi Nick! THanks for letting me sing happy birthday with you!!

Aunt Nicole