Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Weekend Visitors

This past weekend was Labor Day weekend, it is the end of summer and soon Nick and his classmates will be back in school.  Mom had a surprise for Nick, on Thursday grammy came to visit.

Mom had a surprise for Nick, on Thursday grammy came to visit!
Grammy stayed with us for the weekend.  Nick was happy and always walking around with a big smile on his face.
On Saturday we had more visitors.  This is a picture of mom with Nick and Derek.  Mom and Derek grew up together, now Nick is taller than mom and almost as big as Derek!

On Sunday Bobby, grandpa and Myles came to visit.  Mom tried to get a good picture of the Reminick men together, Nick was being silly and not very cooperative.

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Nicole said...

What a great weekend, Nick! You look so happy and that makes me happy. Wish I could have been there.
xoxo, aunt nicole