Sunday, September 22, 2013

Good-Bye Summer

Today was a beautiful sunny day.  Now that it is September the weather is getting cooler.  Mom told Nick it is time to say good-bye to summer.   

We have been going to beach on Sundays.  Today mom told Nick he had to keep his sweatshirt on, and he could not go in the water past the knees because there are no lifeguards on duty.
When we came back to the house Nick ran into the pool.  Mom told Nick it is too cold to go in the pool, but Nick did not listen.  He jumped in the water and then jumped out shivering and said, "towel! towel!"

Mom said, "it is the end of September, we are going to close the pool because it is too cold for swimming.  That's what it means to say good-bye to summer."


Grammy said...

Don't worry Nick summer will be back in 2014 in the meantime you have Holloween,Thanksgiving and Christmas.So HAPPY HOLIDAY TO COME.

Nicole said...

I know how much you love the summer, NIck! The pool, your birthday, visits with grammy. No one enjoy summer more than you! love you. nicole