Sunday, August 4, 2013

Beach Day

Today mom and Nick went to the beach.  Mom said, "you have been asking to visit the beach and the ocean since the fireworks.  Today we will give it a try."

Mom said we would go at 4:00.  We put on our bathing suits, packed a bag, and walked to the beach with our beach chairs. 
Nick does not like birds, and there were a lot of seagulls at the beach.  Mom told Nick, "we have to be okay with the birds if we want to have fun at the beach."
Sometimes Nick birds came close and Nick said, "bye bye birds!"  Mom had to chase them away a few times, and relaxed a little bit.
And we played in the ocean water!

When we walked home mom said, "what a great job you did today, I'm glad that you were brave with the birds and had a good time at the beach.  We can visit the beach more this summer, you seemed to have a very good time."


Grammy said...

So proud of you Nick going to the beach and dealing with the birds. I remember when you were little and we went to the beach all the time. THEE CHEERS FOR NICK. love you.

Nicole said...

So proud of you, nick!!! Looks like you had a great time!
love you,