Sunday, July 28, 2013

Happy Birthday Nick

Today is Nick's 15th birthday!

Mom usually shows Nick baby pictures on his birthday, but this year mom said, "all the pictures are packed up in the attic, I don't know where your baby pictures are, but thankfully they were not damaged in the storm."

Liza came by in the afternoon and gave Nick a present, a floating bed for the pool.
Mom and dad gave Nick a birthday cupcake and a present....
It was a new trampoline!  Nick has not had a trampoline since the storm, now Nick has a little trampoline in his room.  Mom said, "enjoy it, no more jumping on my bed!"

Nick's grammy and aunties called to wish Nick a happy birthday.  Other family and friends sent birthday wishes or texts and facebook messages.  Mom said, "I say it all the time, you are so lucky and loved."

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Grammy said...

Happy Birthday Nick, I will visit you soon so we can share our birthday cake together. I miss you, love you always.