Sunday, July 7, 2013

Happy to be Home

We are finally settling back into our house.  We are happy and grateful that we could fix the house and come back home.
 All the neighbors say, "Nick looks so happy to be back home, he is always dancing outside the house."
We moved Nick's computer desk into his room, now he has his own space like a big boy.
We don't have a lot of furniture yet.  Mom put patio furniture in the living room so we could have chairs to sit on.  This morning when Nick woke up he brought a blanket and pillow out and lay down on the two seater chair.  Nick's arms hung off one end and his feet off the other.  Mom said, "hopefully soon we will have a couch that you can lie down on."
Daddy set up Nick's pool, today was the first day Nick could swim.  Lot's of smiles from Nick today!


Grammy said...

Must be tired from all that happy face. Looking good Nick. love you

Nicole said...

Nick is definitely a Lako! I used to bring my blankets to the couch weekend mornings too!
miss you Nick! Happy birthday!!
xoxo, aunt nikki