Friday, April 8, 2011

Happy Birthday McKenzie

Yesterday was McKenzie's Birthday. In the morning we left McKenzie flowers with a Birthday card made by Nick. When mommy came home from work the three of us went to have dinner at The Outback Steakhouse. McKenzie and Nick go there all the time to eat dinner, but this was the first time that mommy went along too. At first Nick was mopey, he wanted to go to Michael's. But then the food arrived and Nick ate his coconut shrimp and broccoli. Mommy was very impressed that Nick ate these new foods and that Nick was good in the restaurant.

Then mommy and Nick went to Waldbaums and Nick picked out cupcakes and candles. We went home and Nick sang the Happy Birthday song.

When the song was done Nick started to blow out the candles himself but mommy said, "wait, let McKenzie blow out the candles!" She got in there just in time or Nick would have blown out the candles by himself!

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Grammy said...

Happy birthday McKenzie lucky you to have Nick on your special day. The best gift is having Nick sing happy birthday song to you.