Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Sunday at the Beach

Today is Easter Sunday. It is a beautiful sunny day, so mommy and Nick took a walk together. Usually Nick likes to walk on the same streets all the time, but today Nick listed to mommy and we walked on new streets. We found the Belaire Pizzeria and mommy and Nick went in and had pizza lunch.

Then we walked to the beach. Nick was so excited when we found a pathway to the beach. He said to mommy, "ocean."

We walked on the sand to the water. Mommy and Nick walked out onto the rocks. Nick was very happy, he never did this before. He loved to sit and look out and the waves.

Nick even reached down to touch the water.

Mommy tried to get Nick to walk on the sand but it did not work. Nick wanted to play in the ocean. The water was so cold! But Nick did not care, he still jumped in the water and splashed water all around.

Finally mommy convinced Nick that it was time to go home. We sat down to sit with our feet in the sun so that we could clean the sand off our feet. Look how went Nick's pants are!

Then we went up to the boardwalk and sat on a bench. We watch other people playing in the sand and in the water. All the people were happy.

Then we walked home on the boardwalk. Nick kept saying, "May, June." Nick did not like our cold rainy April and he wants summer to begin.

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Grammy said...

Grammy likes to sit at the beach and watch the waves also maybe we can do it together soon.Love you