Sunday, January 9, 2011

Christmas Tree All Done

Here is a picture of Nick's Christmas tree. Mommy took this picture for Nick so he could remember, because this is the weekend when the tree is all done.

Nick made a December calendar at school. It shows the happy day when we brought the tree home.

And the January calendar shows the day the tree is all done. Mommy has been showing Nick the calendar all week.

Today daddy took Nick to the Rec Center pool, and when they were done they drove around town. Daddy showed Nick that all the houses say goodbye to their tree.

When Nick came home he was sad but he did not cry. He looked at the calendar and he asked for "December" and "presents." Then Nick took a pen and paper and wrote out all the months of the year. Mommy reminded Nick that in the summer he has a pool, and that in December we will have a new tree.

Just like last year, mommy gave Nick a little tree on the table. At first Nick did not want to decorate it, but before he went to bed he put all the tiny ornaments on his little tree.

Goodbye Christmas Tree - we will miss you!

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Grammy said...

What a sad story about the "Christmas Tree All Done" the good thing is next December Nick will get a new christmas tree.