Monday, January 24, 2011

School Surprise

Today is Monday, and Nick went to school today. At the end of the school day Nick did not go on the school bus, instead Nick went to a room at the guidance office. Mommy and McKenzie were sitting there with Nick's teachers.

At first Nick looked surprised, then he was quiet and thinking. We told him to sit at the table and he walked across the room and sat at a chair at the end of the table.

While we were talking Nick wrote requests on a piece of paper. Sometimes he looked at books in the room and at one point picked up a vase of water and gave it to the plants on the window sill.

When the meeting was all one mommy and McKenzie and Nick walked to the car. Nick wanted to go to the Pelham Bay Bridge, but mommy told Nick it was too far to drive. Then we came home and Nick played computer and ate dinner.

That night Nick was loud and silly when he came into mommy's room. He looked at the picture mommy took at school today. Mommy said, "I am going to put this on your blog. Will you look at it on your computer?"

Nick did not say any words. Just like at school, he was quiet and thinking.

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