Sunday, January 9, 2011

Happy New Year

This year we did something different. Mommy and Nick went to Henry's house for New Years instead of Christmas.

Henry was very excited because he was allowed to stay up late and watch the ball drop. He bought us glasses and hats to wear for the celebration!

Nick did not stay up and mommy barely made it. This is a picture of Henry, Aunt Stefani and Uncle Ned right before midnight. After the ball dropped we blew our horns and said "Happy New Year!" and gave each other kisses.

The next day we went to the park to go snow tubing. Aunt Stefani and Uncle Ned got Nick got a new red tube as a Christmas present because they remember how much he liked it last year.

When we came home grammy was taking care of Nick's little cousin, baby Katie.

The next day it was time to go home. Nick played on his computer while mommy packed up our things in the car.

Then we took the long drive home. Nick was a good boy in the car. When we got to the bridge Nick kept telling mommy which way to drive. Mommy said, "I know you are good at GoogleMaps, but don't worry, mommy knows the way home."

We got home in time to have dinner. Nick was happy to see his own Christmas tree and play on his own computer....and sleep in his own bed!

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