Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Weekend Trip with Daddy

Last weekend Daddy and Nick went away on a trip. Daddy told Nick on Friday that they were going to the Hampton Inn and there was a swimming pool! Nick knows those words and he ran to the closet and got his bathing suit and put it on right away. Daddy let Nick wear the bathing suit under his clothes and he took Nick to Gino's for pizza dinner. Then they went in the car for the drive to the hotel.

Mommy sent Nick a present for Valentine's Day. It was a new book with pictures of New York City. Nick liked looking at the pictures of the new book.

But daddy also gave Nick a Valentine's Day present. It was a little DVD player, and Nick could use it to watch movies. Nick really loved this present. Sometimes he sat in the bed with headphones on and watched and listened to his movies.

But the best of all was the pool. Nick and daddy went to the pool many times and Nick loved it. He jumped in the water and even swam in the deep water. Daddy took pictures and movies of Nick in the pool and then Nick and mommy watched the movies together on the computer.

When Daddy and Nick were in the room Nick liked to sit at the window and watch the cars go by on the road. Nick loves to look at maps, and this view was high up so Nick could see houses and buildings and roads from his window.

Daddy asked Nick if he would like to go back to the Hampton Inn again. Nick said no, but Nick says no all the time, I bet Nick will want to go back to the hotel again. Look how much fun he had at the Hampton Inn with Daddy!


grammy said...

WOW Daddy and Nick weekend and you looked like you were having a nice time. I know you loved the pool.
Love Grammy

Nicole said...

Great pictures, Nick! It looks like you had so much fun in the pool!! What a great weekend with daddy.

xoxo. aunt nicole