Saturday, December 28, 2013

Skype with Family Far Away

We use Skype to talk to family far away, we can see them on the computer.  On Christmas Eve we talked to Aunt Nicole and Uncle Brian, they are in California.  On Christmas Day we Skyped with Aunt Hilary, Sarah, Zoe, and Uncle Randy in Florida.

Uncle Ned walked around so everyone could say hi.  This is cousin Alasdair and Auntie Amelia with grammy talking to Hilary, Sarah and Zoe.
This is cousin Shaun, Epiphania and Solange talking to Aunt Hilary, Sarah and Zoe.
Then Henry and Nick got a turn.  Nick only said Hi, he did not want to say anymore words.  But everyone said it was nice to see him and how big he has grown!

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Grammy said...

Great invention able to see family who live far away.Nick was really into it this year. Nick was so good with family this year. love you.