Sunday, December 5, 2010

Happy Chanukah! Christmas is Coming!

Halloween and Thanksgiving are all done. Now it is December, Nick's favorite time of year! Nick loves to have the Chanukah candles and a Christmas tree. Lately when mommy comes home, Nick is playing Christmas movies on YouTube, and he likes to watch the Charlie Brown Christmas movie at night.

Mommy and Nick went to a store and they have big Santa and snowmen. Nick wanted to take all of them home and he tried to put them in the cart but mommy said, "No Nick, we can have a little Santa and little snowman in the house, but no big Santa or snowman outside."

When we came home Nick asked mommy for Happy Chanukah Candles. Mommy went up in the attic and got them down for Nick, then he put them on a table with a little tree and gingerbread house.

Nick was very happy. Mommy said, "oh goodie, another holiday shrine..."


Grammy said...

Nick name day is in December which his grandmother Lako always made a great deal of, I think its around the 19th of December. Nice job with the tree and chanukah candles. Will see you for New Years have a wonderful Christmas.

Lauren said...

I miss the shrine. Love all the posts Lisa..makes me so happy to see what nickster is up to. Thinking of you guys always!