Thursday, November 27, 2014

Family far away on Thanksgiving

Today we had fun with Bob, Susan and Jesse who came to visit us for Thanksgiving.  But we have family far away and we could not be with them.

In Massachusetts, grammy made a turkey dinner for Amelia and Alasdair.
Henry and Katie were in Arizona visiting their grandparents and cousins.  They ate dinner outside by the pool!
Ryder had Thanksgiving in California, his family moved into their new house today.
And in our house, we did Skype with Jenni, Ryan, Myles and Donna.  They called us just in time for dinner, so we put the computer next to the table so we could see them.


Nicole said...

Love you, nick! Hope you had a great thanksgiving!
Aunt nicole

Grammy said...

Wish we were all together but glad everyone had a nice thanksgiving dinner. love you all