Saturday, September 5, 2009

Food Shopping with Mommy

On Saturday, Mommy and Nick went to the store to buy food. Mommy had lots of coins in a jar so we decided to bring them to the Coinstar Machine at the supermarket.

No one else was waiting. We had two bags of coins. We pressed the buttons to start the transaction and then the machine said we should put the money in. Nick was good at this. He put in the money and then picked up the tray so the money would slide down into the machine. Sometimes the money got stuck but Nick used his hands to help the coins move.

Then we took our ticket from the machine. It said we could use $15.05 towards our food shopping. Mommy said "that's a nice coupon! I will hold onto it for safe keeping."

Then we did our shopping. Nick was mostly a good boy. Lately he likes to take rides on the shopping cart. He holds himself up high on the handlebars and puts his feet out like he is flying. This makes it harder for mommy to push the carriage, but it does look funny and people smile at us when we go past them.

Then we were all done shopping. Nick helped mommy put food on the table to we could pay for it, and then Nick helped give the food to mommy so she could put it in bags. Then we carried everything to the car. Nick helps put the bags in the trunk of mommy's car.

When we got home Nick was supposed to help carry the bags into the house. He can do a good job but he needs lots of reminding to be a good helper, he tries to run away to play computer.

Mommy said "this is one of your jobs in the house. if you like to eat food, you should help with the shopping and putting the food away."

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