Saturday, June 23, 2012

Pizza with Friends

On Friday, mommy told Nick we were going out to dinner.  Mommy's SEPTA group was meeting at the East End Pizza Cafe.  Nick told mommy he did not want to go, but mommy said, "Some of your friends might be there so let's try it and see if we have fun."

As soon as we walked into the restaurant we saw Nick's classmate Luke.  Nick was happy to see Luke, but then he would not sit with him.  The boys sat at separate booths while they ate their pizza, but they kept looking at each other with happy faces.

Bobby from TAPA was there too.

And Manny, another one of Nick's classmates!

Mommy tried to get a picture of all the boys together, but they would not stand still at the same time.

Oh well, we had fun meeting up with everyone at the East End Pizza Cafe.

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