Saturday, June 9, 2012

Nick's Pool is Open!

 June is here, and Nick knows that in June daddy opens Nick's pool for the summer.

Last weekend daddy put down new sand, and on Wednesday we got a big box with the new pool liner.  Nick helped daddy build the pool.  Then it took two days for the pool to fill up with water.

Nick is so happy, he keeps going outside to check on his pool. 

Today was Saturday, we did the things we always do on Saturday, but we added one new thing to our regular routine. 

1.  Mommy took Nick to the bagel shop.
2. Then mommy took Nick in the car to AHRC to play.
3. Daddy picked up Nick at 3:00, then they went to Burger King and Party City.
4. We had pizza dinner.
5. Then we went for ice cream at The Sweet Retreat.
6. And then, when the sun was setting in the sky, Nick went into his pool to play.

Mommy said, "Aren't you cold in the water?"  But Nick was not cold.  He stayed in the water for 45 minutes!  Then mommy wrapped up Nick in a towel and we sat down together.  Mommy asked Nick if he is happy with his new pool.  Nick did not say any words, but Nick gave mommy a big hug.


Nicole said...

yay, nick! have fun in the pool!

Grammy said...

so happy for you, see you next week