Sunday, May 3, 2015

The Spring Spectacular at Radio City Music Hall

Today mom told Nick we were going into New York City to see a show.

We went to the Long Beach LIRR station, and there was a poster about the show we were going to see.

Mom said, "you liked the Christmas Show so much, we are going to see The Rockettes in the Spring Spectacular at Radio City Music Hall.
Nick was very happy on the train.
And he was happy when we got to the theatre.
Nick's favorite parts of the show were when The Rockettes were on stage.
After the show we walked around Rockefeller Plaza.  Nick knows this area well, mom used to work there and we would walk there all the time.

Then we walked around Times Square.  It was very busy and crowded, there are so many people in Times Square!  Mom took this short video.

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Grammy said...

Nick you are so lucky to have a wonderful mom who loves broadway shows and New York City like you do. Glad you had a good time.