Thursday, May 7, 2009

Excellence in Effort

On Wednesday, May 6, Nick had to go to school at night. He did not visit his classroom, he went to the Auditorium for the SEPTA Awards. Nick's teachers nominated Nick for an Award called Excellence in Effort because he has worked hard in school.

Mommy wrote Nick a note so he knew that he had to go to school at night. Then daddy and Nick drove in the car to the school. Mommy was already there waiting. At first Nick did not want to get out of the car but he did good listening and we all went inside the building.

Nick did good sitting in his chair and even clapped hands for some of the kids.

Then the Middle School kids went up to the stage. Nick's name was called and his teacher put a medal around his neck and gave him a certificate. Nick did good sitting on the stage while the other kids got their awards.

When the ceremony was all done we went home in the car. Mommy knows that Nick did not want to go to school at night, but Nick did a great job listening to mommy.

That is Excellence in Effort!

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grammy said...

I am a very proud grammy because my Nick is working so hard and he deserves the "Excellence in Effort" award. Way to go Nick. Love you