Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial Day

On Monday there was no school. It was a holiday called Memorial Day, so mommy and Nick made a special cake that looked like a flag.

Mommy put a flag on the table so we could copy the colors. We made a white cake and put blue and red berries on top. Nick did such a good job helping.

Then mommy showed Nick pictures from last year. Every year on Memorial Day there is a parade that goes past our house. When Nick was little he was scared of the parade. He would hide in his room. As he got big he learned to watch from the window, and then from behind the fence. For the last two years Nick has come outside to watch the parade.

We see police officers and soldiers in their uniforms. We also see kids from all of the Long Beach schools. Some are in marching band and some wave big flags. When kids from The Middle School walked by someone shouted "hi Nick!"

The Long Beach fire trucks were in the parade too.

When the parade was all done mommy said "what a perfect day it was for a parade, you did a great job today!"


MrAccess said...

Daddy is so proud of you for how brave you are! This summer I bet you are going to have a lot of fun doing new things!

grammy said...

Did you save a piece of cake for grammy. You look so handsome watching the parade. Glad you had a nice day with mommy and daddy.