Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Long Island Children's Museum

Today is Saturday and Nick went to AHRC to play. Mommy picked up Nick and we went to Wendy's for French Fries. Then we got back in the car and were on the parkway home. Nick wrote something down and handed it to mommy. It said LICM. These are the letters for
The Long Island Children's Museum.

We were almost at the exit to the museum. Mommy said "yes, we can go to the museum." Nick was smiling in the back seat.

We went inside and bought two tickets. Nick played in the sand and we walked in little caves and looked at animals and fish. Nick also built a building with blocks and looked in kaleidoscopes.

There was a television studio. Mommy sat in the chair and Nick looked at mommy in the camera. Then Nick sat in the chair. There were buttons on the table and Nick could see himself on the screen.

What Nick liked most was the climbing ramps. He started at the bottom and climbed all the way to the top. Nick did this lots of times, Nick likes to sit high up and look down at things.

We stayed at the museum until they closed. Mommy told Nick we had to go home in the car. Nick said "car, home." Mommy said "what a good idea you had to go to the museum!"

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jenfilipoberio said...

I only recently found the LICM. Emma loves it too.