Sunday, May 10, 2009

Working in the Garden

Today is Mother's Day. Mommy likes to start the garden on Mother's Day.

Mommy, Grammy and Nick went to the Garden Center to buy flowers. We picked out little pink flowers to plant around our tree.

Then we planted the flowers in the garden. Mommy asked Nick to help. Mommy and Nick took the little plants out of the boxes and put them on the ground.

Then we put on gardening gloves. We made holes in the dirt and put the flowers inside and put dirt around them.

Nick did not want to help mommy for long, he wandered away to play.

Mommy remembered a long time ago when Nick was little. We taught Nick how to work in the garden.

And even then he did not want to help for long, and wandered away to play.

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grammy said...

What a nice Mother's Day grammy had with mom,dad, grandpa, grandma and Nick. Grammy received lots of hugs from her favorite guy Nick.